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Applied Physics Lab

RRIMT has modern instruments and equipments for experiments.
Physics provides an in-depth knowledge of fundamental laws and their applications in various systems. It also helps to predict and explain natural phenomena. It has a laboratory housing many experimental setups such as Hall’s experiment, energy band gap, magnetic field variation, viscosity of liquids, etc. It also has a dark room for optics experiments such as spectrometer, polarimeter, fresnel biprism, Newton’s ring, nodal slide assembly, etc.

Our Placement

  • Amit Awasthi
    Package 15.0 Lac
    Ritu Raj Mishra
    Ceragon Network
    Package 12.0 Lac
  • Rahul Kumar Singh
    Package 11.2 Lac
    Prince Kumar pathak
    Indian Army
    Package 8.0 Lac
  • Arvind Singh Yadav
    Icreon Comm.
    Package 8.0 Lac
    Umesh Kumar Yadav
    HCL Tech Ltd.
    Package 7.2 Lac
  • Abhishek Verma
    Package 6.8 Lac
    AKash Chaturvedi
    Package 6.5 Lac
  • Mohd. Yasir Arfat
    Package 6.0 Lac
    Himanshu Bansal
    Package 5.6 Lac