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R R Pledge

  1. I shall strive hard in all sincerity to make the hard earned money of my parents fruitful, augmenting their reputation in particular and making their dreams come true.
  2. I would leave no stone unturned with my suave performance and keen interaction for the betterment of my village, society, district, motherland and the world at large.
  3. I shall not surrender to any challenge, how daunting it may be to achieve excellence in my academic pursuits.
  4. I shall make genuine endeavour to heighten the name and fame of my esteemed institute along with the most respectable faculty members abiding by the rules and regulations and the utility instructions handed out from time to time by the ever knowledgeable and experienced faculty.
  5. I shall work hard to obtain excellent marks and ensure a good job on a high lucrative package with my parental blessings and their invaluable support I would cherish and care for, lifelong.
  6. I shall never resort to foul or unfair means during examinations.
  7. I shall perform all my duties/obligations with utmost sincerity wherever I am placed, carving out a bright career and destiny for myself.
  8. I shall imbibe the Guru Mantra of profound honesty and devotion studies and exams, enduring dedication and quality service while in job or in business and prove my skill and loyalty in public life, all through my life.
  9. Nearly 30 lakh students pass intermediate examination in every year in U. P. out of these only 1 lakh students get admission in the professional courses. I feel lucky and privileged that my parents ensured my admission in this course with their hard earned money to whom I shall ever remain grateful and indebted.

Our Placement

  • Amit Awasthi
    Package 15.0 Lac
    Ritu Raj Mishra
    Ceragon Network
    Package 12.0 Lac
  • Rahul Kumar Singh
    Package 11.2 Lac
    Prince Kumar pathak
    Indian Army
    Package 8.0 Lac
  • Arvind Singh Yadav
    Icreon Comm.
    Package 8.0 Lac
    Umesh Kumar Yadav
    HCL Tech Ltd.
    Package 7.2 Lac
  • Abhishek Verma
    Package 6.8 Lac
    AKash Chaturvedi
    Package 6.5 Lac
  • Mohd. Yasir Arfat
    Package 6.0 Lac
    Himanshu Bansal
    Package 5.6 Lac