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Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture engineering is the application of Science, Mathematics and engineering to agriculture, food systems, natural resources, the environment, and related biological systems. This program has special emphasis on environmental protection and the biological interface of plants, animals, and soils with the design and performance of environments, machines, mechanisms, processes, and structures.

Applied and adaptive research is undertaken leading to development, improvement of equipment, technology, process for crop production, irrigation and drainage, post-harvest technology and processing, and energy-use in agriculture and rural industries.

The laboratories established by the department are as follows:

  1. Farm Machinery Lab
  2. Basic Electronics & Instrumentation Lab
  3. Theory of Machine Lab
  4. Electrical Circuits Lab
  5. Soil Mechanics Lab
  6. Farm Power Lab
  7. Strength of Material Lab
  8. Irrigation Engg. Lab
  9. Drainage Engg. Lab
  10. Dairy & Food Engg. Lab
  11. Ground Water, Well & Pump Engg. Lab
  12. Soil & Water Conservation Engg. Lab
  13. Tractor System & Control Lab
  14. Crop Process Engg. Lab

Our Placement

  • Amit Awasthi
    Package 15.0 Lac
    Ritu Raj Mishra
    Ceragon Network
    Package 12.0 Lac
  • Rahul Kumar Singh
    Package 11.2 Lac
    Prince Kumar pathak
    Indian Army
    Package 8.0 Lac
  • Arvind Singh Yadav
    Icreon Comm.
    Package 8.0 Lac
    Umesh Kumar Yadav
    HCL Tech Ltd.
    Package 7.2 Lac
  • Abhishek Verma
    Package 6.8 Lac
    AKash Chaturvedi
    Package 6.5 Lac
  • Mohd. Yasir Arfat
    Package 6.0 Lac
    Himanshu Bansal
    Package 5.6 Lac