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Why choose Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree grows those skills & abilities in an individual which are required for building their future. It is always better to have clarity on “why should you pursue an MBA degree” and about the career benefits rather than choosing an MBA degree because everyone else is doing the same. Let us examine some of the compelling factors on Why should you go for an MBA:

  • Removing Growth Barriers: Having a management degree from foremost MBA colleges is an added weapon that helps you when you’re being considered for promotion and higher positions in the corporate structure.
  • Soft skills: There are several avenues through participation in teams, clubs, exercises, extra-curricular and community initiatives where students can gain soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and negotiations.
  • Hard skills: MBA programs usually are structured around the core and elective courses in the leading colleges. Typically, core courses enable students to develop a holistic foundation in business disciplines such as finance, accounting, marketing, and operations.
  • Global experiences: Over the past decade, the focus on global experiences has risen significantly in MBA programs across the world. Every program has its version of a trip abroad where students get to learn more about doing business in another country and the culture itself. This is an addition to the daily exposure that students get in dozens of countries globally among the best colleges.
  • Network: MBA programs are famed for enabling relationships that last for  lifetimes. Classmates start companies together, strike deals with each other and stay friends for life. The network effect of MBA programs is hard to deny because of which networking is an important component of MBA programs.
  • Entrepreneurship Abilities: There are many people in this era of digital start-ups, who are fired up with the passion of setting up their own organizations. This becomes much easier if there are experiences and when you have a background of working in the corporate sector.
  • Higher Salaries: Talent and capabilities are always rewarded in the corporate sector, but the trend has shown that MBA’s claim a higher pay package with an average of INR 18-24 lakhs per annum.

Why choose R.R. Group of Institutions?

There are several management colleges in Lucknow, so why should one choose R.R. Group of institutions? Well, apart from the simple fact that, R.R. Group of Institutions is one of the best MBA colleges in Lucknow, it also provides professional education and training in the field of management and entrepreneurship education. It focuses on one’s personality development throughout the course. RRGI is one of the top MBA colleges in Lucknow with direct admission. It spreads knowledge and information by organizing seminars, workshops, and industrial visits to develop professionalism. The major goal of RRGI is to develop knowledge-driven, inspiring minds and dynamic leaders for the betterment of the world around us. The R.R. Group of Institutions infrastructure supports, enables and enhances the work of its faculty, staff, and students. Its people and processes are responsive and customer-oriented, ranking it amongst the best MBA colleges in Lucknow.

Career Options After an MBA

Once you know why you want an MBA degree, you should be prepared with a knowledge-base of jobs that require this degree. Based on that, you may nurture your career interest. Let’s take a more specific view of the job opportunities after an MBA:


  • Management Consultant: A management consultant’s job is to advise companies on their management practices and identify problems within the organization that may be holding the company back from reaching its goals. Many management consultants are self-employed, while others work for large firms.
  • Marketing Manager: Marketing managers oversee the planning and execution of a multifaceted marketing plan to help their companies grow. They set budgets, plan marketing campaigns, and manage staff on the marketing team to conduct market research, launch marketing campaigns, and analyze the data collected from each campaign to make improvements. Their goal is to create more brand awareness and bring in sales.
  • Investment Banker: Investment bankers help companies to invest and grow their capital through shrewd purchasing of equity and debt. They also provide advice and assistance during financial transitions such as acquisitions and mergers.
  • Operations Manager: An operations manager is sort of a company’s jack-of-all-trades. He or she oversees daily operations, purchasing, inventory, coordination between departments, and policy creation. Responsibilities may also include hiring employees and negotiating contracts.
  • Entrepreneurship: An MBA enhances your ability to be an entrepreneur. Be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, choosing your career becomes easy with an MBA in your resume. 


Considered as one of the best MBA colleges in Lucknow – R.R. Group of Institutions considers placement as its key duty to every student who gets enrolled in this MBA institute in Lucknow. The Placement Office of this college provides equal opportunity to all enrolled students to:

  • Attend campus interviews conducted for leading companies.
  • Prepare the students to excel in the Aptitude tests, Group Discussions, and Interviews.

The RRGI Placement Cell acts as the prime catalyst in making the best jobs & career opportunities available to our students. RRGI hosted 133 National and Multinational Companies on campus where more than 85% of MBA students were placed. Due to a great placement record, RRGI is enlisted among the top ten AKTU MBA colleges in Lucknow.

Courses Offered

Ranked among the top MBA colleges in Lucknow, RRGI offers following MBA courses listed below:


Human Resources Management

Information Technology

International Businesses


Fee Structure

This is one of the top MBA colleges in Lucknow with an affordable fee structure. The fee structure at R.R. Group of Institutions for various departments is given below:

Know More on Fee details

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